• Adivi Sesh
    Place: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (now Telangana), India
    Adivi Sesh is a distinguished actor and director in the Telugu film industry. He began his acting journey with a guest role in the movie 'Sontham' (2002). His breakthrough came with the film 'Karma' (2010), where he played a leading role alongside Hollywood actress Jade Tailor and Sher Ali. Notably, Adivi Sesh also directed 'Karma', receiving critical acclaim for both his acting and directorial skills. He further gained recognition as a villain in Pawan Kalyan's 'Panjaa'. Subsequent performances in films like 'Balupu' (2013) established him as a versatile actor. He has acted in notable films like 'Baahubali', 'Kshanam', 'Panjaa', and 'Run Raja Run'. His starring roles in successful films like 'Evaru' (2019), 'Major' (2022), and 'Hit 2' (2022) have earned him star status, with 'Major' being one of the biggest hits of his career, produced by superstar Mahesh Babu. Adivi Sesh is passionate about writing and direction. He is the grandson of the famous writer Adivi Bapiraju and the brother of director Adivi Sai Kiran.

    How old is Adivi Sesh?

    Adivi Sesh is 38 Years old

    How tall is Adivi Sesh?

    5' 11'' (180cm)

    What are Adivi Sesh hobbies?

    Singing, Traveling

    What did Adivi Sesh study?

    He pursued a course in filmmaking in the USA.

    What is the alma mater of Adivi Sesh?

    Berkeley High School, California San Francisco State University, USA

    Who are Adivi Sesh Best Friends?

    Shaneil Deo

    What Telugu Movies Has Adivi Sesh Worked On?

    Adivi Sesh has acted in 18 films up to 2024.

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    What is the name of Adivi Sesh pet dog?


    Who are Adivi Sesh parents?

    Sunshi Chandra, Bhavani

    What do Adivi Sesh parents do?

    His father, Sunshi Chandra, is a doctor. His mother, Bhavani, is a housewife.

    Who are Adivi Sesh siblings?

    Adivi Sesh has a sister named Shirle Adivi (Doctor).

    When did Adivi Sesh got Married?

    Not yet. However, there are reports that he is soon to be engaged to his girlfriend, Supriya Yarlagadda. This needs official confirmation.

    What is Adivi Sesh famous for?

    He became popular playing the role of a villain's son in the movie 'Panjaa'.

    Which is the first Telugu film with Adivi Sesh in the lead role?

    What is the first hit movie of Adivi Sesh?


    Has Adivi Sesh starred in any movies that have grossed over 100 crore?

    What is Adivi Sesh best role?

    The role of Agent Gopi in the movie Goodachari

    What is Adivi Sesh best stage performance videos?

    Watch on YouTube

    Adivi Sesh best stage performance

    What are Adivi Sesh best dialogues in the movies videos?

    Watch on YouTube

    Adivi Sesh best dialogues

    Remuneration of Adivi Sesh?

    Rs. 8-10 Crores

    What is Adivi Sesh favorite food?

    Adivi Sesh is a vegetarian. He once mentioned that he eats all kinds of vegetarian items.

    Who is Adivi Sesh favorite actor?

    Aamir Khan, Ayushmann Khurrana

    What languages can Adivi Sesh speak?

    English, Hindi, Telugu

    Who is Adivi Sesh favorite director?

    What is Adivi Sesh favorite color?

    White, Black

    What is Adivi Sesh favorite sport?


    Who are Adivi Sesh favorite sport players?

    Sachin Tendulkar

    What are Adivi Sesh favorite tourist destinations?


    How many luxury cars does Adivi Sesh have?

    Mercedes Benz GLE Class Audi Q5

    What is Adivi Sesh net worth?

    Rs. 41 Crores

    Adivi Sesh Instagram followers number?

    1.1 million followers

    How many awards did Adivi Sesh get?

    • Nandi Award

      He received the Nandi Award for the movie "Kshanam"

    • SIIMA Award

      He won the Best Actor SIIMA Award for the movie "Major"

    What kind of ads is Adivi Sesh acting in?

    Adivi Sesh appeared in commercials for Sai Properties & Projects Limited.
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