• Hanu Man
    Set in Saurashtra, Michael (played by Vinay Rai) dreams of becoming a superhero from a young age, even eliminating his parents who he perceives as obstacles. Meanwhile, in a small village called Anjanadri, Hanumanthu (Teja Sajja), known for his mischievous antics, suddenly acquires the powers of Hanuman. How did he get these powers? How did they come to exist on Earth? How does Michael learn about Hanumanthu’s powers, and how does Hanumanthu overcome the danger posed by Michael to the villagers? The roles of Vibhishana (Samuthirakani) and Anjamma (Varalakshmi) also play a significant part in the story.
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    On April 28th at 5:30 PM, "Hanu-Man" will be broadcast on Zee Telugu.
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    Hanuman Movie Review: Teja Sajja Shines as a Superhero – Is 'Hanuman' a Hit?

    Under the direction of Prashanth Varma, ‘Hanuman’ features Teja Sajja in the lead role. The film, competing with major releases during Sankranti, mana...read more

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    Teja Sajja
    as Hanumanthu
    Amritha Aiyer
    as Meenakshi
    Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
    as Anjamma
    Vinay Rai
    as Michael
    Vennela Kishore
    as Siri Vennela
    Satya Akkala
    Getup Srinu
    Prasanth Varma
    K. Niranjan ReddyProducer
    Prasanth Varma
    Anudeep DevMusician
    Hari GowraMusician
    Krishna SaurabhMusician
    Dasaradhi ShivendraCinematographer
    Sai Babu TalariEditor
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    Mokshagna Teja: Is His Debut Confirmed? Latest Pics Go Viral!
    Mokshagna Teja: Is His Debut Confirmed? Latest Pics Go Viral!
    Another descendant from the Nandamuri family is gearing up to enter the industry. Balakrishna's son, Mokshagna Teja, is soon to make his debut as a hero. The director for his launch film has already been chosen. However, there has been ongoing concern among Nandamuri fans regarding Mokshagna Teja's appearance, with online discussions suggesting he does not fit the traditional hero mold. Despite the excitement about his entry into cinema, fans have been critical of Mokshagna's apparent lack of attention to his physique. Nevertheless, his latest photos have sparked a wave of enthusiasm among his supporters. Handsome Looks... Photos of Nandamuri Mokshagna looking handsome have suddenly appeared online. In these, Mokshagna has mesmerized everyone with his handsome appearance, looking unexpectedly fit and proving everyone wrong. His new look in the photos declares that he is indeed star hero material. Nandamuri fans are thrilled to see the latest images, commenting that Balakrishna’s son has transformed just as they envisioned. Posts are being shared about the imminent arrival of another Nandamuri successor in the industry. Debut with Director Hanuman...! Being the third-generation hero from the Nandamuri lineage, there’s keen interest in who will introduce Mokshagna Teja to the industry. According to the latest buzz, Prasanth Varma of 'HanuMan' fame is set to make this introduction. The campaign on social media is already in full swing. Prashant Varma, who has close ties with actor Balakrishna and demonstrated his talent with the blockbuster 'Hanuman', is seen as the ideal director for Mokshagna. Given his experience working with young heroes like Teja Sajja, it’s believed he can handle Mokshagna Teja aptly. Fans are also confident about this pairing, and official announcements are expected soon. Sequel to 'Aditya 369'! There has been buzz that Mokshagna will star in the sequel to Balakrishna’s hit movie 'Aditya 369', which is to be directed by screenwriter Trivikram. With the news of Prashant Varma being fixed as the director recently, fans are speculating whether he will direct the 'Aditya 369' sequel. If this turns out to be true, it would be a joyous occasion for Nandamuri fans. They believe that if Mokshagna makes his entry with a sequel to his father's film 'Aditya 369', success is certain. Debut at 29! The Nandamuri family is one of the most prominent families in the Telugu film industry. Jr. NTR, a member of this family, continues to be a leading hero in Tollywood. He made his hero debut at 17 with the movie 'Ninnu Choodalani'. However, Mokshagna is now 29 years old. He will be the oldest to debut as a hero heir in Telugu. Balakrishna has been trying to launch his son as a hero for some time, but delays in getting physically ready have postponed Mokshagna’s entry. After all this time, the transformation of Mokshagna’s look into hero material has thrilled his fans.
    July 02 , 2024
    68th Filmfare Awards South 2023: Ram Charan and Tarak Win Best Actors for Their Films!
    68th Filmfare Awards South 2023: Ram Charan and Tarak Win Best Actors for Their Films!
    The film 'RRR,' directed by the legendary S.S. Rajamouli has made a significant impact worldwide. Lead actors Ram Charan and Jr NTR propelled the movie to international fame, earning it numerous international awards. Notably, it was a contender at the Oscars, where it won the Best Original Song award for 'Naatu Naatu.' Recently, 'RRR' showed its dominance once more at the '68th Filmfare Awards South 2023, securing a total of seven awards. Other films such as 'Sita Ramam,' 'Virata Parvam,' and 'Bheemla Nayak' also received awards. Mark of 'RRR' at Filmfare The organizers of the 68th Filmfare Awards recently announced the winners, considering films released in South Indian languages (Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam) during 2022 and 2023. 'RRR,' released on March 24, 2022, won awards in seven categories. These include Best Film for 'RRR,' Best Director for Rajamouli, Best Actor for Ram Charan and Jr NTR, Best Music Album, Best Choreographer for Prem Rakshit, Best Production Design for Sabu Cyril, and Best Playback Singer for Kaala Bhairava for the song ‘Komuram Bheemudho.' 'Sita Ramam' Harvests Awards Following 'RRR,' 'Sita Ramam' also made a significant mark. Despite facing tough competition from 'RRR,' 'Sita Ramam' managed to stand out and garnered several awards. It won a total of five awards, including Best Movie (Critics), Best Actor (Critics), Best Actress (Mrunal Thakur), Best Lyrics, and Best Playback Singer. Additionally, 'Virata Parvam,' starring Rana and Sai Pallavi, received two awards, while 'Bheemla Nayak,' featuring Pawan Kalyan, won one award. Let's take a closer look at the winners in each category and additional details. 'RRR' Awards Best Film - 'RRR'Best Director - SS Rajamouli ('RRR')Best Actor - Ram Charan, Jr. NTR ('RRR')Best Music Album - MM Keeravani ('RRR')Best Production Design - Sabu Cyril ('RRR')Best Choreography - Prem Rakshit ('RRR' - 'Naatu Naatu' song)Best Playback Singer (Male) - Kaala Bhairava ('Komuram Bheemudo' song) 'Sita Ramam' Awards Best Movie (Critics) - 'Sita Ramam' (Hanu Raghavapudi)Best Actor (Critics) - Dulquer Salmaan ('Sita Ramam')Best Actress - Mrunal Thakur ('Sita Ramam')Best Lyrics - Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry - 'Kaanunna Kalyanam' ('Sita Ramam')Best Playback Singer (Female) - Chinmayi Sripada ('Sita Ramam' - 'O Prema..') Other Film Awards Best Actress (Critics) - Sai Pallavi ('Virata Parvam')Best Actress - Nandita Das ('Virata Parvam')Best Supporting Actor - Rana Daggubati ('Bheemla Nayak')
    July 12 , 2024
    Explore Blockbusters from Vyjayanthi Movies, Producers of Kalki 2898 AD
    Explore Blockbusters from Vyjayanthi Movies, Producers of Kalki 2898 AD
    The movie "Kalki 2898 AD," starring Prabhas as the hero, has made a significant impact in theaters, becoming a box office sensation. This success can be credited to director Nag Ashwin and the production house "Vyjayanthi Movies." Producer Aswani Dutt undertook this ambitious project with determination, despite its escalating budget, aiming for high-quality results. He granted director Nag Ashwin full financial freedom. With a budget exceeding 600 crores, Kalki stands as one of India's most expensive films. Currently, Vyjayanthi Movies is gaining nationwide recognition for delivering visual spectacles like Kalki. Vyjayanthi Movies Journey Aswani Dutt started his journey as a producer with a film starring his favorite hero, Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao. He established Vyjayanthi Movies and featured NTR in the avatar of Krishna as its logo. The company made its mark in the industry with the 1975 film "Eduruleni Manishi." Despite initial struggles, the banner did not hesitate to deliver blockbuster films, creating a significant impact in the Telugu film industry. What are those blockbuster films? Let's see what mark they have made in the Telugu film industry. Agni Parvatam "Agni Parvatam" is one of the super hit films released under the Vyjayanthi Movies banner. Starring Superstar Krishna in dual roles with Radha and Vijayashanti as the heroines, this film, directed by K. Raghavendra Rao, achieved great success at that time. Superstar Krishna showcased a formidable acting presence. This film stands as a milestone in Krishna's career. His dialogue "Aggi Pettunda?" became very popular back then, as did the song "Kaduluthunna Agniparvatam," which introduced a fresh side of Krishna. The movie's plot revolves around Jamadagni, who resents his father for abandoning his mother, but his enemies bring his step-uncle into play to create problems. What happens next forms the plot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaJqLrjanQM Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari "Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari" proved that Vyjayanthi Movies could produce not just routine films but also experimental films. This unforgettable film in Megastar's career was crafted in the socio-fantasy genre and collected huge amounts at the box office. Despite facing floods in united Andhra Pradesh before its release, the film recorded a massive success. Made with a budget of 2 crores, it garnered 15 crores in its time. The melodious songs provided by Ilayaraja are still enchanting to this day. The plot revolves around Raju, who shelters four orphans and works as a guide. One day, unexpectedly, he finds a ring belonging to Indra's daughter, Indraja, who comes back to earth for the ring. What happens next forms the story. Shubhalagnam This film, starring Jagapathi Babu, Aamani, and Roja, was made with a unique concept and proved that happiness in married life does not depend on money. A wife who sells her husband for money eventually changes and retrieves him. This concept was well received by family audiences at the time. The song "Chilaka E Thodu Leka" earned Sirivennela the Nandi Award for Best Lyricist. The story revolves around Radha who marries her husband to a wealthy woman named Lata for money, eventually obtaining one crore rupees. However, over time, she realizes that a life without her husband is worthless. Govinda Govinda "Govinda Govinda," a collaboration between Nagarjuna and Ram Gopal Varma, was a blockbuster success. The story revolves around the crown of Lord Venkateswara, providing a fresh experience to the Telugu audience. Sridevi mesmerized the Telugu audience in this film. The plot involves Lord Venkateswara deciding to resolve a chaotic situation on earth using a divine weapon. However, the situation deteriorates when a group of thieves steal the jewels on this weapon. OTT Platform: Sun Nxt Rajakumarudu Vyjayanthi Movies introduced superstar Mahesh Babu as a hero through their banner. His debut film as a lead actor, "Rajakumarudu," was produced by producer Aswani Dutt. This film received the Nandi Award for Best Family Film and played in many centers for over 100 days. The plot is as follows: Raj comes to enjoy his vacation and falls in love with Rani. However, due to family pressure, he leaves her. Who is Rani? What is the feud between her family and Raj's family? How do they eventually unite? Indra The film "Indra" elevated Megastar Chiranjeevi's fame to a new level, in which he played a factionist for the first time. Producer Ashwani Dutt received a rain of cash from this film, which also earned Chiranjeevi the Nandi Award for Best Actor in 2002. The plot revolves around ongoing dominance battles between two families in Rayalaseema. To solve the water crisis for the people, Indra agrees to marry the rival's sister. Cutting to the chase, for a simple life, Indra, under an alias, escapes to Kashi. Why did Indra go to Kashi? How did he avenge his rivals? Student No. 1 Director Rajamouli was introduced to the industry by producer Ashwani Dutt. Tarak starred as the hero in Rajamouli's debut film "Student No. 1," which was produced under Vyjayanthi Movies' sub-banner, Swapna Cinema. This film was shown in 73 centers for 50 days and in 42 centers for more than 100 days. The film, made with a budget of Rs. 1.85 crores, earned Rs. 12 crores. The plot goes as follows: Aditya desires to become an engineer, but his father insists he become a lawyer. Disliking law, Aditya ends up in trouble trying to save a girl while going to write an exam. His father kicks him out of the house. What happens next? Maharshi Mahesh Babu starred in "Maharshi" alongside Pooja Hegde and Allari Naresh, with Ashwani Dutt also serving as a producer. Nominated in 10 categories at the SIIMA Awards for 2019, the film won 5 awards. The plot is as follows: Rishi, a CEO of a multinational company, learns about the sacrifice his friend Ravi made for him during their college days. Searching for him, Rishi goes to the village and finds that Ravi is in trouble. What did Rishi do next? How did he support his friend? OTT Platform: Amazon Prime Sita Ramam The 2022 film "Sita Ramam" was a huge success, known to all. Directed by Hanu Raghavapudi and produced by Ashwani Dutt, this film made Mrunal Thakur an overnight star heroine. With a budget of Rs. 30 crores, "Sita Ramam" grossed between Rs. 91-98 crores at the box office. The plot is as follows: Ram, an army officer and an orphan, receives a flood of letters after mentioning this on the radio. A large family forms around him. One woman continuously writes to him addressing him as her husband, Seetamahalakshmi. Who is she? From where did the wife of an orphan like Ram come? What experiences did Ram face when he came to meet her? OTT Platforms: Amazon Prime & Hotstar Kalki 2898 AD Producer Ashwani Dutt produced "Kalki 2898 AD" under the Vyjayanthi Movies banner, a prestigious and high-budget film. This movie was made in the mythology and futuristic genres. In this film, Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan played the role of Ashwatthama, and Kamal Haasan appeared as the villain. Disha Patani and Deepika Padukone also played key roles. Vyjayanthi Movies' Sub-Banner Hits Baanam Priyanka Dutt, daughter of Ashwani Dutt, produced the film "Baanam" under the Three Angels banner, introducing Nara Rohith as the hero. The plot is as follows: Bhagat, the son of a former Naxalite, lives in a small town. He decides to become an IPS officer to protect the people from local gangster atrocities. What happened next? Did he achieve his goal? Sarocharu Produced by Priyanka Dutt, "Sarocharu" captivated audiences as a feel-good entertainer. Ravi Teja, Kajal, and Richa Gangopadhyay played the lead roles. The plot is as follows: Sandhya loves Karthik, but she finds out he is already married. What is Karthik's past? Did Karthik and Sandhya end up together? OTT Platforms: Hotstar & Aha Sir Ocharu Movie Posters TollywoodAndhra.in Yevade Subramanyam "Nag Ashwin's debut film "Yevade Subramanyam" featured Nani and Vijay Deverakonda in leading roles. This movie brought recognition to Nag Ashwin as a talented director. The plot is as follows: Subramanyam, a materialistic man, goes to the Himalayas to fully understand life. During this journey, he changes his perspective on relationships. OTT Platform: Sun Nxt Mahanati Swapna Dutt, Ashwani Dutt's second daughter, produced "Mahanati" under the Swapna Cinema banner, also directed by Nag Ashwin of Kalki fame. This film, based on the life story of legendary actress Savitri, explores how Savitri entered the industry, the impact actor Gemini Ganesan had on her life, and the struggles she faced towards the end of her life. OTT Platform: Amazon Prime Jathi Ratnalu Under the sub-banner of Vyjayanthi Movies, "Swapna Cinema," "Jathi Ratnalu" was produced. The plot is as follows: Three young men from their village come to Hyderabad in search of good jobs and stay in an apartment. They unexpectedly attend an uninvited party and get entangled in a murder attempt case. How did they escape from the case? OTT Platform: Amazon Prime
    June 30 , 2024
    Mokshagna Teja: Will Mokshagna Play a Powerful Role in Akhanda Sequel, Directed by Boyapati?
    Mokshagna Teja: Will Mokshagna Play a Powerful Role in Akhanda Sequel, Directed by Boyapati?
    Fans have long anticipated the debut of Mokshagna Teja, the son of Nandamuri Balakrishna, and are excited to see their favorite hero's son on screen. Recently, Balakrishna confirmed Mokshagna's upcoming debut, sparking even more excitement among the fans. Stylish and handsome photos of Mokshagna have recently surfaced, showcasing his transformation and winning over fans with his new look as a hero. Additionally, a recent update about Mokshagna's entry into the film industry has thrilled Nandamuri fans. Entry with a Balakrishna Movie? A film collaboration between Nandamuri Balakrishna and Boyapati Srinu is on the horizon. This forthcoming film, a sequel to their blockbuster hit 'Akhanda', is currently in the pre-production phase. An official announcement regarding the sequel has been made recently, with shooting expected to commence soon. The latest buzz indicates that Mokshagna is set to play a significant role in this sequel. It is reported that director Boyapati Srinu has specifically written a part for Mokshagna, who is anticipated to make his appearance in the second half of the film. Test shoots involving Mokshagna have reportedly been conducted, with an official confirmation still pending. If confirmed, this film will mark Mokshagna’s debut in the film industry, starring alongside his father, Balakrishna, which has greatly excited the fans. Director Prasanth Varma's Venture! On another note, fans of Nandamuri, as well as average cinema lovers, are looking forward to Mokshagna's first film as a hero. Recently, it was reported that Mokshagna's movie under the direction of 'Hanuman' fame Prasanth Varma has been finalized. The script has also been completed, and if all goes as planned, the film is expected to commence this year. Prasanth Varma has had a good relationship with Balakrishna for a long time and even directed the Unstoppable show starring Balakrishna on Aha. This existing relationship has led Balakrishna to entrust his son’s debut film to Prasanth Varma. In a Handsome Look... Mokshagna has completely transformed his appearance, turning into a dashing figure. His recent photos, featuring a stylish haircut, have gone viral, showcasing his mesmerizing new looks. Being fit, he has surprised everyone, proving himself to be bona fide star material. Nandamuri fans are overjoyed to see Mokshagna embodying the exact image they had envisaged for Balakrishna's son. Posts have been made suggesting that another Nandamuri successor is about to step into the industry. https://twitter.com/AKKINENI_9999/status/1808086164647153776 Debut at 29! The Nandamuri family is one of the most prominent families in the Telugu film industry. Junior NTR, from this family, gained recognition as a leading actor in Tollywood with his debut at 17 in the movie ‘Ninnu Choodalani’. Currently, at 29, Mokshagna is set to make his entry as an actor heir at a comparatively later age. Balakrishna has long been endeavoring to launch his son as a hero. However, due to changes in physique, Mokshagna's entry was delayed. Now, after all these years, his transformation into hero material has deeply gratified his fans.
    July 10 , 2024
    Kalki 2898 AD Top Dialogues: The dialogues that made 'Kalki' a huge success!
    Kalki 2898 AD Top Dialogues: The dialogues that made 'Kalki' a huge success!
    Prabhas is the talk of the film industry right now. With 'Kalki 2898 AD' making waves in theaters, all eyes are on him. He's earning rave reviews for his performance, especially for action sequences that are said to rival Hollywood standards. This has led many to commend the 'Kalki' team for elevating Indian cinema to an international level. Particularly notable are Prabhas’s dialogues, which fans say perfectly suit his formidable screen presence. Dialogues by other major stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Haasan, and Deepika Padukone are also receiving praise. What dialogues from 'Kalki' captivated the audience? In what contexts were they delivered? Let's delve into this special feature. Kalki Movie Dialogues The movie begins with a scene depicting the Kurukshetra episode. Ashwatthama commits a grave mistake by launching a weapon at an unborn child. The dialogues that follow, as Lord Krishna curses him, are captivating. Ashwatthama: Champadaniki vaste nannu champu Krishna. Nee upadeshalu vinadaniki nenu Arjunudni kaadu. అశ్వత్థామ : చంపడానికి వస్తే నన్ను చంపు కృష్ణ. నీ ఉపదేశాలు వినడానికి నేను అర్జునుడ్ని కాదు.  Krishna: Ee 18 rojulu Kurukshetramlo jarigina papaala kanna.. Nee adharmam nishkritamainadi. Dhronacharyudi putrudivi ayyundi intaku digajaraava? కృష్ణుడు : ఈ 18 రోజులు కురు క్షేత్రంలో జరిగిన పాపాల కన్నా.. నీ అధర్మం నిష్కృతమైనది. ధ్రోణాచార్యుడి పుత్రుడివి అయ్యుండి ఇంతకు దిగజారావా? Ashwatthama: Naa tandri peru palike arhata neeku ledu. Nuvvu anukunte atadi marananni aapagaligevadi. అశ్వత్థామ : నా తండ్రి పేరు పలికే అర్హత నీకు లేదు. నువ్వు అనుకుంటే అతడి మరణాన్ని ఆపగలిగేవాడివి. Krishna: Ashwatthama.. Devudaina krurudaina karmanu tappinchukoleru. Garbhasta sisuvupai astram vadilavu. Nee kharm nuvvu anubhavinkaka tappadu. కృష్ణుడు : అశ్వత్థామ.. దేవుడైనా క్రురుడైనా కర్మను తప్పించుకోలేరు. గర్భస్త శిశువుపై అస్త్రం వదిలావు. నీ ఖర్మ నువ్వు అనుభవించక తప్పదు.  Ashwatthama: Ayithe sandhinchu chakram.. Vidhinchu nee shikshani. అశ్వత్థామ : అయితే సంధించు చక్రం.. విధించు నీ శిక్షని. Krishna: Chavu nee shiksha kaadu Ashwatthama.. Adi vimukti. Kalantaram Pandavulu andaru chanipotaru. Naa shareeramoo maranistundi. Ee yugam antharistundi. Kaani, neeku maranam radu. Veladi sanvatsaralu nee gaayalu maanaka.. Chavu raaka.. Brathakaleka.. Enno papalu choosthu jeevistavu. Ide naa shapam. కృష్ణుడు : చావు నీ శిక్ష కాదు అశ్వత్థామ.. అది విముక్తి. కాలాంతరం పాండవులు అందరూ చనిపోతారు. నా శరీరమూ మరణిస్తుంది. ఈ యుగం అంతరిస్తుంది. కానీ, నీకు మరణం రాదు. వేలాది సంవత్సరాలు నీ గాయాలు మానక.. చావు రాక.. బ్రతకలేక.. ఎన్నో పాపాలు చూస్తూ జీవిస్తావు. ఇదే నా శాపం. Ashwatthama: Mari naa shapaniki prayschittam leda? అశ్వత్థామ : మరి నా శాపానికి ప్రాయిశ్చిత్తం లేదా? Krishna: Nuvvu nannu champalanukunnav.. Kani oka roju nuvve nannu kapadali. కృష్ణుడు : నువ్వు నన్ను చంపాలనుకున్నావ్‌.. కానీ ఒక రోజు నువ్వే నన్ను కాపాడాలి.  Ashwatthama: Nena? అశ్వత్థామ : నేనా? Krishna: Kaliyugam vastundi. Kali vastunnadu. Adharmam perigipoyi prapanchamantha cheekati ayinappudu nenu malli oka avataram ettali. Aa yugamlo Kali maha shaktishali. Enta shaktivantudu ante na puttukane apagaladu. Appudu nuvve na garbha gudiki kapala kayali. కృష్ణుడు : కలియుగం వస్తుంది. కలి వస్తున్నాడు. అధర్మం పెరిగిపోయి ప్రపంచమంతా చీకటి అయినప్పుడు నేను మళ్లీ ఒక అవతారం ఎత్తాలి. ఆ యుగంలో కలి మహా శక్తిశాలి. ఎంత శక్తివంతుడు అంటే నా పుట్టుకనే ఆపగలడు. అప్పుడు నువ్వే నా గర్భ గుడికి కాపలా కాయాలి. Dialogue A complex announces a bounty of 5000 units on a young man. A gang sets out to capture him. In the midst of his escape, Bujji (an AI vehicle) shackles him. Then, the villain's gang opens fire on Bujji. Amidst this, Bujji introduces her boss, Bhairav (Prabhas), elevating his status. Bujji: Hey.. Stop. Nannu shoot chestava. Ippudu choodu naa boss vachhi mee andarini smash chestadu. బుజ్జి : హేయ్‌.. స్టాప్‌. నన్ను షూట్‌ చేస్తావా. ఇప్పుడు చూడు నా బాస్‌ వచ్చి మీ అందరిని స్మాష్‌ చేస్తాడు. Villan Gang: Evaru mee boss? విలన్‌ గ్యాంగ్‌: ఎవరు మీ బాస్‌? Bujji: Paatha yuddhallo soldier. Intha varaku okka yuddhamlo odipoledu. The one and only Bhairava  బుజ్జి : పాత యుద్ధాల్లో సోల్జర్‌. ఇంత వరకూ  ఒక్క యుద్ధంలో ఓడిపోలేదు. ది వన్‌ అండ్‌ ఓన్లీ భైరవ  (After this dialogue Prabhas enters) Bhairava: Entry anantharam Bhairava nelapai guraka petti nidra pothadu.. భైరవ: ఎంట్రీ అనంతరం భైరవ నేలపై గురక పెట్టి నిద్ర పోతాడు.. Bujji: Bhairava getup.. Chala buildup ichaanu le. బుజ్జి : భైరవ గెటప్‌.. చాలా బిల్డప్‌ ఇచ్చాను లే. Bhairava: Bujji.. Bujji.. Please 5 minutes padukuntanu.  భైరవ: బుజ్జి.. బుజ్జి.. ప్లీజ్‌ 5 మినిట్స్‌ పడుకుంటాను.  Dialogue Supreme Yaskin (Kamal Haasan) conducts experiments on pregnant women using his people in the complex. A scientist from Yaskin’s team tries to kill him in response. The dialogues Yaskin delivers while killing the scientist are captivating. Supreme Yaskin: Chaavuku nenu chaala pranalau icchanu. Adi nanneem cheyadu. Ninnu chooste jalestundi. Enduku nannu champalanukunnav? సుప్రీమ్‌ యాస్కిన్‌: చావుకు నేను చాలా ప్రాణాలు ఇచ్చాను. అది నన్నేం చేయదు. నిన్ను చూస్తే జాలేస్తుంది. ఎందుకు నన్ను చంపాలనుకున్నావ్‌? Scientist: Manchi kosam.. సైంటిస్టు : మంచి కోసం..  Supreme Yaskin: Manchi.. Charitrlo enni pranalau teesindho telusa ee manchi. Rajulu rajyalu marutunna pratheesari marutundi manchi. Danni nammoddhu. Inthaki neekem kavali? సుప్రీమ్‌ యాస్కిన్‌ : మంచి.. చరిత్రలో ఎన్ని ప్రాణాలు తీసిందో తెలుసా ఈ మంచి. రాజులు రాజ్యాలు మారుతున్న ప్రతీసారి మారుతుందీ మంచి. దాన్ని నమ్మోద్దు. ఇంతకీ నీకేం కావాలి? Scientist: Ee lokanni kapadali. సైంటిస్టు : ఈ లోకాన్ని కాపాడాలి Supreme Yaskin: Ade kada.. Nenu chesindi. Devudini, dabbulani, vandala yuddhalu chese andarini okka yuddhamtho gelichanu tappa?. Meera boodida chestunna prakrutini andanantha dhooramlu pettanu.. Tappa? సుప్రీమ్ యాస్కిన్‌ : అదే కదా.. నేనూ చేసింది. దేవుడిని, డబ్బులని, వందల యుద్ధాలు చేసే అందరినీ ఒక్క యుద్ధంతో గెలిచాను తప్పా?. మీరు బూడిద చేస్తున్న ప్రకృతిని అందనంత దూరంలో పెట్టాను.. తప్పా? Scientist: Neeku istam vachhinatlu cheyadaniki nuvvu evaru? సైంటిస్టు : నీకు ఇష్టం వచ్చినట్లు చేయడానికి నువ్వు ఎవరు? Supreme Yaskin: Mari nashanam cheyadaniki meeru evaru? Enni yugalau ayina.. Enni avakasalu ichchina manishi maradu.. Maraledu. Idi nee tappu kadule. Human beingsku unna defecte adi. సుప్రీమ్‌ యాస్కిన్‌ : మరి నాశనం చేయడానికి మీరు ఎవరు? ఎన్ని యుగాలు అయినా.. ఎన్ని అవకాశాలు ఇచ్చినా మనిషి మారడు.. మారలేడు. ఇది నీ తప్పు కాదులే. హ్యూమన్‌ బీయింగ్స్‌కు ఉన్న డిఫెక్టే అది.  Dialogue Supreme Yaskin rescues Sumathi (Deepika Padukone), who is pregnant with Kalki, from his own people and brings her to Shambala. The guard of Shambala, unaware of who Sumathi is, tries to stop them. The scene and dialogues that follow highlight this moment. Rakshanadhikari: Amenu ikkadaku enduku teesukochchavu. 5 million pounds pettaru eeme meeda. Complex matrame kadu worldlo prati okkaru ame kosam vethukunnaru. Ela kapadatavu? రక్షణాధికారి : ఆమెను ఇక్కడకు ఎందుకు తీసుకొచ్చావు. 5 మిలియన్ పౌండ్లు పెట్టారు ఈమె మీద. కాంప్లెక్స్‌ మాత్రమే కాదు వరల్డ్‌లో ప్రతీ ఒక్కరు ఆమె కోసం వెతుకున్నారు. ఎలా కాపాడతావు? Ashwatthama: Nenu kapadatanu. అశ్వత్థామ : నేను కాపాడతాను Rakshanadhikari: Asalu nuvvu evaru? Podugga unte saripodu. Eppudaina yuddham chesava? రక్షణాధికారి : అసలు నువ్వు ఎవరు? పొడుగ్గా ఉంటే సరిపోదు. ఎప్పుడైనా యుద్ధం చేశావా? Ashwatthama gurinchi telisina baludu: Excuse me.. Mahabharatamlo Sreekrishnudithone yuddham chesadu.. Oke. (Ikada highlight BGM vastundi) అశ్వత్థామ గురించి తెలిసిన బాలుడు: ఎక్స్‌క్యూజ్‌మీ.. మహాభారతంలో శ్రీకృష్ణుడితోనే యుద్ధం చేశాడు.. ఓకే. (ఇక్కడ హైలెట్‌ బీజీఎం వస్తుంది) Rakshanadhikari: Andariki picchi ekkinda? Eeme (Sumathi) ikkadi ravadam valla andariki entho dangero arthamavutunda? Tanu just.. lab nunchi escape ayina mamulu pregnant woman. Emi special woman kadu. Ayina puttedi devudu anadaniki enti sakshyam. రక్షణాధికారి : అందరికీ పిచ్చి ఎక్కిందా? ఈమె (సుమతి) ఇక్కడి రావడం వల్ల అందరికీ ఎంతో డేంజరో అర్థమవుతుందా? తను జస్ట్‌.. ల్యాబ్‌ నుంచి ఎస్కేప్‌ అయిన మామూలు ప్రెగ్నెంట్‌ ఉమెన్‌. ఏమీ స్పెషల్‌ ఉమెన్‌ కాదు. అయినా పుట్టేది దేవుడు అనడానికి ఏంటీ సాక్ష్యం. As soon as that dialogue is spoken, rain begins to fall immediately, a rare event in that region. The people of Shambala believe that the birth of Kalki will occur from her womb as her arrival brings rain. This scene gives the audience goosebumps. Dialogue Sumati (Deepika) questions Ashwatthama why Lord Vishnu chose her to be the mother of Kalki. The dialogues in this context are mesmerizing. Ashwatthama: Nuvvu pranam ivvadanike puttava amma? అశ్వత్థామ : నువ్వు ప్రాణం ఇవ్వడానికే పుట్టావ్‌ అమ్మా? Sumati: Asalu em matladutunnaru. Inka toli oopiri kuda teesukoni ee bidda kosam inka entha mandi chanipovali? సుమతి : అసలు ఏం మాట్లాడుతున్నారు. ఇంకా తొలి ఊపిరి కూడా తీసుకొని ఈ బిడ్డ కోసం ఇంకా ఎంత మంది చనిపోవాలి? Ashwatthama: Prati chaavuki oka paramartham untundi. Prati chaavu lokaniki kotta oopiri postundamma. అశ్వత్థామ : ప్రతీ చావుకి ఒక పరమార్థం ఉంటుంది. ప్రతీ చావు లోకానికి కొత్త ఊపిరి పోస్తుందమ్మా. Sumati: Kaani, nene enduku? సుమతి : కానీ, నేనే ఎందుకు? Ashwatthama: Moyagaligina shakti unnavarike badhyatanu istadu aa devudu. Bhagavantudni kadupulo moyalante bhoodevi antha orpu undali. Meelo aa orpu undane mimmalni talliga enchukunnaru. అశ్వత్థామ : మోయగలిగిన శక్తి ఉన్నవారికే బాధ్యతను ఇస్తాడు ఆ దేవుడు. భగవంతుడ్ని కడుపులో మోయాలంటే భూదేవి అంత ఓర్పు ఉండాలి. మీలో ఆ ఓర్పు ఉందనే మిమ్మల్ని తల్లిగా ఎంచుకున్నారు.  Ashwatthama: Nuvvu ippudu kanabooyedi mamulu pranam kaadamma.. srushtini. Janmanivvadam nee dharmam kaapadatam naa badhyata. అశ్వత్థామ: నువ్వు ఇప్పుడు కనబోయేది మాములు ప్రాణం కాదమ్మ.. సృష్టిని. జన్మనివ్వడం నీ ధర్మం కాపాడటం నా బాధ్యత. Dialogue Upon arriving in Shambala, Sumati is claimed by Chatterjee, the Complex representative, who instructs his men to seize her. He tells his commander that riders have been sent in all directions and they will soon capture her. Meanwhile, Prabhas, who has already battled Ashwatthama, declares they can do nothing more. The dialogue between him and Chatterjee captivates the audience. Bhairava: Aa musalodu unnanthavaraku em cheyaleru. భైరవ : ఆ ముసలోడు ఉన్నంతవరకూ ఏం చేయలేరు. Chatterjee: Musaloda? ఛటర్జీ : ముసలోడా? Bhairava: Mee vallandarini kottindi atade? Okkadu kuda vadni touch cheyaledu. Nenu tappa. భైరవ : మీ వాళ్లందరినీ కొట్టింది అతడే? ఒక్కడు కూడా వాడ్ని టచ్‌ చేయలేదు. నేను తప్పా. Chatterjee: Veedevadu asalu? ఛటర్జీ : వీడెవడు అసలు? Commander: Bhairava ani bounty enter sir. Mana vallani kodithe black list chesanu. కమాండర్‌: భైరవ అని బౌంటీ ఎంటర్‌ సర్‌. మన వాళ్లని కొడితే బ్లాక్‌ లిస్ట్‌ చేశాను.  Bhairava: Elagaina black list chesavu kada. Malli kodatha. Point enti ante nenu okkadine aa ammayini teesukuragalanu. Meeku vere option ledu. భైరవ: ఎలాగైనా బ్లాక్‌ లిస్ట్‌ చేశావు కదా. మళ్లీ కొడతా. పాయింట్‌ ఏంటి అంటే నేను ఒక్కడినే ఆ అమ్మాయిని తీసుకురాగలను. మీకు వేరే ఆప్షన్‌ లేదు.  Chatterjee: Antha sure aa.. ఛటర్జీ : అంత ష్యూర్‌ ఆ..  Bhairava: Records chusuko.. Inthavaraku okka fight kuda odipoledu. Idi kuda odiponu. భైరవ : రికార్డ్స్‌ చూసుకో.. ఇంతవరకూ ఒక్క ఫైట్‌ కూడా ఓడిపోలేదు. ఇది కూడా ఓడిపోను.  Dialogue In the climax of the movie, the scene involving Kamal Haasan sends chills down the spine. After gaining power, he declares, “Jagannatha rathachakralu vastunnayi vastunnayi.. Rathachakra pralayaghola bhoomargam pattistanu.. Bhukampam puttistanu.” ('జగన్నాథ రథచక్రాల్‌ వస్తున్నాయ్‌ వస్తున్నాయ్‌.. రథచక్ర ప్రళయఘోళ భూమార్గం పట్టిస్తాను.. భూకంపం పుట్టిస్తాను') revealing the extent of the destruction he is about to unleash in the second part of his dialogue. However, this dialogue originates from Sri Sri’s epic work "Maha Prasthanam." Kamal Haasan previously delivered this dialogue in the movie "Akali Rajyam" 44 years ago. Hearing Sri Sri’s poetry from his lips after so many years again surprised the audience. View this post on Instagram A post shared by TELUGU SONGS OLD (@telugu_songs_old) Dialogue In "Kalki," Prabhas, who has been playing Bhairava, shocks everyone by appearing as Karna in the final part. In the last ten minutes, featuring an episode from the Mahabharata, he as Karna shakes the screen. Holding a bow and standing on a chariot, Prabhas declares, "Is it too late, son of the teacher?" sending the entire theater into a frenzy. The introduction of Bhairava as Karna, especially during this climactic scene at Kurukshetra, draws loud cheers. Arjunudu: Ashwatthama.. thalaratanu raase Brahma chesina Gandeevam idi. Deenini evaru addukoleru. అర్జునుడు : అశ్వత్థామ.. తలరాతను రాసే బ్రహ్మ చేసిన గాంఢీవం ఇది. దీనిని ఎవరు అడ్డుకోలేరు. Karnudu: Prabhas entry ichhi Arjunudu vesina banaanni niluvaristadu. Aa sandarbhamlo aalasyamainda acharya deva? ani Ashwatthamatho antadu. కర్ణుడు: ప్రభాస్‌ ఎంట్రీ ఇచ్చి అర్జునుడు వేసిన బాణాన్ని నిలువరిస్తాడు. ఆ సందర్భంలో ఆలస్యమైందా ఆచార్య దేవా? అని అశ్వత్థామతో అంటాడు. Ashwatthama: Ledu.. Saraina samayamlo ne vachchavu. అశ్వత్థామ: లేదు.. సరైన సమయంలోనే వచ్చావు.  Arjunudu: Choosava.. Keshava (Krishnudu). Tanu naku samanuda? Vadni (Karnudu) addukoni mana ratham kevalam rendu adugulu venakki vellindi. Naa astraniki atadi ratham 10 adugulu venakki vellindi. అర్జునుడు: చూశావా.. కేశవ (కృష్ణుడు). తను నాకు సమానుడా? వాడ్ని (కర్ణుడు) అడ్డుకొని మన రథం కేవలం రెండు అడుగులు వెనక్కి వెళ్లింది. నా అస్త్రానికి అతడి రథం 10 అడుగులు వెనక్కి వెళ్లింది.  Krishnudu: O Dhanunjaya.. Nee ratham agnidevudi varam. Kapadutunnadani jendapai kapiraju (Hanumantudu). Naduputunnadi mullokala nadipinche nenu. Aina rendadugulu venakki toshadante alochinchu Arjuna. కృష్ణుడు : ఓ ధనుంజయ.. నీ రథం అగ్నిదేవుడి వరం. కాపాడుతున్నదని జెండాపై కపిరాజు (హనుమంతుడు).  నడుపుతున్నది ముల్లోకాలు నడిపించే నేను. అయినా రెండడుగులు వెనక్కి తోశాడంటే ఆలోచించు అర్జునా.  Krishnudu: Tanu (Karnudu) samanya yodhudu kadu. Tana kallaloni tejasu.. tana chetiloni dhanassu.. tana peru.. charitra eppatiki marchipodu. Surya putra Vaikarna.. Karna. (Ee dialogueto Kalki tolipart mugustundi). కృష్ణుడు: తను (కర్ణుడు) సామాన్య యోధుడు కాదు. తన కళ్లల్లోని తేజస్సు.. తన చేతిలోని ధనస్సు.. తన పేరు.. చరిత్ర ఎప్పటికీ మర్చిపోదు. సూర్య పుత్ర వైకర్ణ.. కర్ణ. (ఈ డైలాగ్‌తో కల్కి తొలిపార్ట్‌ ముగుస్తుంది).
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