• Ambajipeta Marriage Band
    Malli (Suhas) is a member of a marriage band in Ambajipeta. His sister Padma (Sharanya Pradeep) is a school teacher. Due to certain reasons, a feud starts between Malli and the village's influential figure, Venkat Babu, leading to larger conflicts in the village. The story unfolds to reveal the aftermath of this feud and explores Malli's love story with Lakshmi (Shivani Nagaraj). That's the story.
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    as Mallikarjun "Malli"
    Shivani Nagaram
    as Lakshmi
    Saranya Pradeepas Padma
    Nithin Prasanna
    as Venkata Babu
    Gayathri Bhargavi as Jhansi
    Goparaju Ramanaas Narasimha
    Kittayya as Kanakayya
    Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari
    as Sanjeev
    Swarnakanth as Seenu babu
    Vinay Mahadevas Prasad
    Dushyanth KatikineniDirector
    Dheeraj MogilineniProducer
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