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    12 Apr 2024 Weekend OTT Suggestions: A Festive Weekend for OTT Lovers with Blockbuster Movies Streaming!
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    Once upon a time, when the weekend arrived, viewers would ponder over which movie to watch in theaters. However, with the advent of OTT platforms, their choices have shifted. Now, comfortably from their homes, they eagerly watch new movies and series. This weekend in particular offers some of the best content for Telugu viewers. Several films that were hits in theaters are now making their way to OTT platforms. Choose a movie that suits your taste to watch over the weekend.

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    1 . Gaami(March 08 , 2024)
    Aghora Shankar (Vishwak Sen) suffers from a condition where touch causes him excruciating pain. Guided to find a rare Himalayan flower that blooms every 36 years for a cure, Shankar embarks on a perilous journey. Meanwhile, a devadasi's expulsion and secretive experiments unfold in parallel, intertwining with Shankar's quest. The film navigates through Shankar's challenges, alliances, and the unfolding mystery of the devadasi and the experiments, culminating in a riveting narrative.
    2 . Premalu(March 08 , 2024)
    U|156 minutes|Comedy,Romance
    Sachin dreams of pursuing higher education abroad, but after his visa gets rejected, he comes to Hyderabad for GATE coaching. He falls in love with Renu, a software employee, at first sight. Having already experienced failure in love, how does Sachin express his love to Renu? Who is Adi, who is also in love with Renu? Do Sachin and Renu end up together? That is the story.
    3 . Om Bheem Bush(March 22 , 2024)
    Krish, Vinay, and Madhav waste their time engaging in silly activities. Dramatic events lead them to a village called Bhairavapuram. How did the village change them? Why did they enter a fort haunted by a ghost? What experiences did they have in the fort? That’s the story.
    4 . Lal Salaam(February 09 , 2024)
    Two cricketers belonging to Hindu and Muslim religions have been rivals since childhood. Although they played for the same team for some time, one of them goes on to establish a new team, leading both teams to represent two different religions. A pivotal match changes the lives of the two cricketers. What did the Muslim cricketer's father (Rajinikanth) do? That is the story.
    5 . Yatra 2(February 08 , 2024)
    The film is based on the life of Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, and examines how, as the son of former Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, he entered into politics. The core of the story focuses on the ‘Odarpu Yatra’ (condolence tour) and the obstacles that were created by the then leaders to hinder his journey. The narrative portrays how Jaganmohan Reddy overcame these challenges to continue his odyssey in politics and serve the people.
    6 . Kajal Karthika(May 19 , 2023)
    Karthika (Regina) visits an old library for leisure and ends up reading a book written a century ago. As she reads, the characters of five ghosts from the book appear before her one by one. Who is Karthika (Kajal Aggarwal) among them? Why are the villagers responsible for her death? And what about the other four ghostly characters? This forms the plot of the story.
    7 . Chaari 111(March 01 , 2024)
    Chaari (Vennela Kishore) is an agent at the Rudranetra spy agency, constantly makes silly mistakes and gets scolded by his boss, Rao (Murali Sharma). He is tasked to solve a human bomb blast case. How he resolves this case and who is behind the crime form is the crux of the story.

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